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Internet Price : $108.00 - Retail Price : 118.00

APC BE550G-AZ Back UPS ES 8 Outlet 550VA, 550VA/230V
Internet Price : $119.00 - Retail Price : 122.57
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APC Smart-UPS SMT1500i 1500VA LCD 230V
Internet Price : $849.00 - Retail Price : 859.00

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CyberPower IEC 3pin AU Cable adaptor  [2]Instock$10.00$20.00
Allocacoc PowerCube Extended Red 5 outlets 1.5M Instock$24.00$34.00
Allocacoc PowerCube Extended Red 5 outlets 3M ETA$29.00$39.00
Allocacoc PowerCube Extended USB Grey 4 Outlets, 2 USB, 1.5M  [1]Instock$35.00$45.00
Allocacoc PowerCube Extended USB Grey 4 Outlets, 2 USB, 3M Instock$37.00$47.00
APower M56ST Ethernet Over Power(56mbps) Instock$15.00$25.00
Eaton Evolution HotSwap Maintenance Bypass, 16A, IEC outlets ETA$269.00$279.00
EATON Network Card - MS SNMP/Web Adaptor PreorderETA$355.00$365.00
Hunkey PBB4400 Power Bank w LED Torch(charge all 5V Mobile Devices)  [1]PreorderETA$35.00$45.00
Huntkey 4 Outlet Surge Protector w Dual 5V 2.1A PreorderETA$25.00$35.00
Huntkey 6 Outlet Surge Protector w Dual 5V 2.1A Instock$25.00$35.00
Huntkey 8 Outlet Surge Protector w Dual 5V 2.1A  [1]PreorderETA$28.00$38.00
Huntkey SAC504 5 Outlet Surge Protector Instock$14.00$24.00
Orico DCP-5P-BK 36W Universal USB Wall SmartCharger Black Outofstock$29.00$39.00
Powershield UPS 1200VA Defender  [1]Instock$199.00$209.00
Powershield UPS 750VA Safeguard Line Interactive  [1]Instock$109.00$119.00
PowerShield Zapguard 6 Way Surge Protector Instock$25.00$35.00
Targus Smartphone Battery Backup PreorderETA$33.00$43.00
Tecxus Alkaline Maximum 6LR61 Battery 9 Volt 1pc Instock$5.00$15.00
Tecxus Alkaline Maximum LR03AAA Battery 10pack Instock$10.00$20.00
Tecxus Alkaline Maximum LR03AAA Battery 24pack Instock$20.00$30.00
Tecxus Alkaline Maximum LR03AAA Battery 4pack Instock$6.00$16.00
Tecxus Alkaline Maximum LR14C Battery 2pk Instock$9.00$19.00
Tecxus Alkaline Maximum LR6AA Battery 2pk Instock$3.00$13.00
Tecxus Alkaline Maximum LR6AA Battery 4pk Instock$6.00$16.00
Universal Travel Adapter Instock$8.00$18.00
APC - SCHNEIDER PREM REPL BATT CART  [1]Preorder(5+ Avail)ETA$59.00$69.00
APC - SCHNEIDER PREM REPL BATT CART RBC18  [1]Preorder(1 Avail)ETA$179.00$189.00
APC - SCHNEIDER SMART-UPS 750VA USB RM 1U 230V PreorderETA$655.00$665.00
APC AP9630 UPS Network Management Card 2 PreorderETA$455.00$465.00
APC Back UPS BX1400U-AZ AVR LED  [1]Instock$199.00$209.00
APC Back UPS BX700U-AZ AVR LED SpecialInstock$108.00$118.00
APC Back UPS BX950U-AZ AVR LED  [2]Instock$135.00$145.00
APC Back UPS CS 650VA USB, 650VA/230  [3]Instock$165.00$175.00
APC BE550G-AZ Back UPS ES 8 Outlet 550VA, 550VA/230V Special [5]Instock$119.00$122.57
APC BE700G-AZ Power Saving Back-UPS ES 8 Outlet 700VA 230V  [2]Instock$159.00$163.77
APC BR550GI Back-UPS Pro 330 Watts/550VA Input 230V/Output 230V Instock$189.00$199.00
APC Essential SurgeArrest 1 Outlet w Phone Protection 230VAUST. SpecialInstock$11.00$21.00
APC Essential SurgeArrest 2 Outlets Wall Mount with Dual USB Ports (5V/2.1A), 230V Australia Instock$19.00$29.00
APC Essential SurgeArrest 6 outlets, 6FT power cord, 230V Australia Instock$29.00$39.00
APC Essential SurgeArrest 8 outlets with Coax & Network Protection, 230V Australia PreorderETA$36.00$46.00
APC RBC32 Battery Preorder(5+Avail)ETA$79.00$89.00
APC RBC34 APC Premium Replacement Battery Cartridge Instock$329.00$339.00
APC RBC43 APC Premium Replacement Battery Cartridge Instock$565.00$575.00
APC RBC48 Out-of-warranty replacement battery Instock$129.00$139.00
APC SC450RMI1U Smart UPS SC 450VA (1U) RM/TWR Instock$279.00$289.00
APC SCHNEIDER SMART-UPS 1500VA LCD RM 2U 230V Preorder(5+Avail)ETA$1299.00$1309.00
APC SCHNEIDER SURT6000XLI SMART-UPS RT 6000VA 230V Preorder(5+Avail)ETA$5299.00$5309.00
APC Smart UPS 3000VA/2700W USB & Serial RM 2U 230V  [1]Preorder(5+Avail)ETA$2299.00$2309.00
APC Smart UPS 420VA  [2]Instock$189.00$199.00
APC SMART-UPS 750VA LCD RM 2U 230V (SMT750RMI2U) Instock$555.00$565.00
APC Smart-UPS C 1500VA LCD 230V, SMC1500I  [2]Instock$649.00$659.00
APC Smart-UPS SMT1500i 1500VA LCD 230V SpecialInstock$849.00$859.00
APC Smart-UPS X 1500VA Rack/Tower LCD 230V Preorder(5+Avail)ETA$1329.00$1339.00
APC SMC1500I-2U Smart-UPS C 1500VA 2U LCD 230V Instock$899.00$909.00
APC SMT2200I Smart UPS 2200VA LCD 230V Preorder(5+Avail)ETA$1599.00$1609.00
APC SMT2200RMI2U Smart UPS 2200VA LCD RM 2U 230V Preorder(5+Avail)ETA$1833.00$1843.00
APC SMT750I Smart UPS 750VA LCD 230V Instock$569.00$579.00
APC- SCHNEIDER SMART-UPS X 750VA RACK/TOWER LCD 230V Preorder(2 Avail)ETA$649.00$659.00
Eaton Rack rail kit 5P Rack UPS, add to 5P650iR as required (450-1000mm adjustment) PreorderETA$59.00$69.00
Tecxus Rebellight x90 LED Torch 90 Lumens incl 1x LR6 Battery PreorderETA$19.00$29.00
Tecxus TC3000 AA/AAA Charger Suitable for 1-4 NiMH Outofstock$28.00$38.00
Astrotek AU power board, 4way with 1 Switch, 1.5m, white (Surge Protector) Preorder(5+Avail)ETA$17.00$27.00
Belkin 8-Outlet Surge Protector W/ Tel Special [4]Instock$69.00$79.00
Belkin BST201AU International Travel Surge with 2 USB Port 2.4A  [1]Instock$45.00$55.00
Belkin BSV401AU2M 4 Outlet with 2M Cord with 2 USB Ports (2.4A) Instock$38.00$48.00
Belkin Economy 4 way Surge Protector 1-metre  [1]Instock$15.00$25.00
Belkin F6U600AU 600VA Line Interactive UPS 3xSURGE+BATTERY PORTS RJ11 (TELEPHONE) SurgeProtection US  [4]Instock$79.00$89.00
Belkin F7C014AU Conserve Switch AV Surge Protector With Wireless Remote For Home Theatre Preorder(2 Avail)ETA$89.00$99.00
Belkin F9A723AU3M-F 7 Way CORD+TEL+AV+RJ45 Outofstock$75.00$85.00
Belkin F9E600vau2M Economy 6 way Surge Protector  [7]Instock$19.00$29.00
Belkin F9H110VAUCW HomeSeries Surge Master Cube w Tel Plug Special [1]Instock$18.00$28.00
Belkin F9H410AU2M 4-outlet with Telephone protection Instock$39.00$49.00
Belkin WEMO LIGHT SWITCH (F7C030AU)  [1]Instock$69.00$79.00
CyberPower BRIC-LCD 1000VA/600W (10A) Line Interactive UPS - (BR1000ELCD) 2 Yrs Wty Instock$169.00$179.00
CyberPower BRIC-LCD 650VA/390W (10A) Line Interactive UPS - (BR650ELCD)-2 Yrs Wty Instock$125.00$135.00
CyberPower BRIC-LCD 850VA/510W (10A) Line Interactive UPS -(BR850ELCD) 2 Yrs Wty Instock$149.00$159.00
CyberPower GP 2200VA/1320W Line Interactive UPS w LCD  [5]Instock$299.00$309.00
CyberPower PFC Sinewave Series 1300VA Tower UPS with LCD - 2 Years Adv Instock$289.00$299.00
CyberPower PFC Sinewave Series 1500VA Tower UPS with LCD - 2 Years Adv  [1]Instock$335.00$345.00
CyberPower PRO Rack/Tower LCD 1500VA / 1125W 2U Line Interactive UPS -  [1]Preorder(5+Avail)ETA$799.00$809.00
CyberPower Value 1000EI-AU 1000VA / 550W Line Interactive UPS (Tower) UPS Instock$145.00$155.00
CyberPower Value 800EI-AU 800VA / 480W Line Interactive UPS (Tower) UPS Instock$107.00$117.00
CyberPower Value SOHO LCD 1200VA / 720W (10A) Line Interactive Ups Instock$219.00$229.00
CyberPower Value SOHO LCD 1500VA / 900W (10A) Line Interactive Ups Instock$239.00$249.00
CyberPower VALUE600EI Value SOHO 600VA / 360W Simulated Sine Wave UPS Instock$85.00$95.00
Belkin F6U1400AU 1400VA Line Interactive UPS-4*SURGE+BATTERY PORTS Special [2]Instock$215.00$225.00
EATON 5E2000IUSB-AU UPS 2000VA/1200W 3 x ANZ OUTLETS, Fan  [2]Preorder(5+ Avail)ETA$295.00$305.00
Eaton 5E850IUSB-AU Eaton 5E UPS 850VA/480W 2 x ANZ OUTLETS, no Fan Instock$105.00$115.00
Eaton 5P650iR 5P 650VA / 420W Line Interactive UPS Rack 1U Instock$409.00$419.00
Eaton 5S1200AU 1200VA/720W Line Interactive UPS LCD  [1]Instock$245.00$255.00
Eaton 5S1600AU 1600VA/960W Line Interactive UPS LCD  [1]Instock$335.00$345.00
Eaton 5S550AU 550VA/330W LINE INTERACTIVE UPS LED SpecialInstock$119.00$129.00
Eaton 5S700AU 700VA/420W LINE INTERACTIVE UPS LED Special [1]Instock$138.00$148.00
Eaton 5S850AU 850VA/510W LINE INTERCTIVE UPS LCD Instock$165.00$175.00
Eaton 5SC1000I Eaton 5SC 1000VA / 700W Mini Tower UPS, 8 x IEC Sockets Preorder(2 Avail)ETA$479.00$489.00
EATON Powerware 5130 1250/1750VA Extended Batt Module R/T 2U 48VDC Preorder(2 Avail)ETA$659.00$669.00
EATON Powerware 5130 2500VA / 230V Rack/Tower 2U Preorder(3 Avail)ETA$1099.00$1109.00
EATON Powerware 9130 1500VA / 1350W On Line Rack UPS Preorder(1 Avail)ETA$1499.00$1509.00
EATON Powerware 9130 2000/3000VA Rack Extended Battery Module for 9130 series Preorder(1 Avail)ETA$999.00$1009.00
EATON Powerware 9130 3000VA / 2700W On Line Rack UPS Preorder(1 Avail)ETA$2599.00$2609.00
PowerShield Defender 1600VA/960W UPS AVR LCD  [1]Preorder(5+ Avail)ETA$255.00$265.00
Powerware 5115/750Va Usb 500W Line Interactive Ups PreorderETA$394.00$404.00
Powerware 5130 1250VA / 230V Rack/Tower 2U Instock$759.00$769.00
Powerware 5130 1750VA / 230V Rack/Tower 2U Preorder(1 Avail)ETA$925.00$935.00
Powerware 5130 2500/3000VA Extended Battery Module Rack/Tower 2U 72VDC PreorderETA$775.00$785.00
Powerware 5130 3000VA / 230V Rack/Tower 2U PreorderETA$1359.00$1369.00
Powerware 5130 3000VA / 230V Rack/Tower 3U Instock$2288.00$2298.00
Powerware Eaton 3S 550VA/300W UPS  [1]Instock$105.00$115.00
Powerware Eaton 3S 700VA/420 UPS  [3]Instock$119.00$129.00


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