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Western Digital Purple WD30PURZ 3.5" AV-GP,3TB,INTELLIPOWER,64MB,SATA III,(6Gbps),3YRS
Internet Price : $145.00 - Retail Price : 155.00

The WD Purple NV hard drive adds support for surveillance systems with higher drive bay configurations and up to 64 HD cameras.

Designed specifically for network video recorder (NVR) surveillance systems where scalability and increased cameras are needed .
Increased Capabilities

Support for higher bay configurations and up to 64 HD cameras allowing the flexibility to upgrade and expand your security system.
Backwards Compatibility

Designed for network video recorder (NVR) surveillance systems, WD Purple NV is also backwards compatible with DVR systems.

Capacity 3TB
Number of Cameras Up to 64
Firmware AllFrame Technology
Warranty 3 Year Limited

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.
* Specifications may vary.
* The product picture(s) is only for your reference, it may differ from the actual product.

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HP 659337-B21 1TB 6G SATA 7.2K 3.5INCH NHS MDL HDD Instock$289.00$299.00
HP 628061-B21 3TB 6G SATA 7.2k 3.5in SC MDL HDD Preorder(2 Avail)ETA$750.00$760.00
HP 655710-B21 1TB 6G SATA 7.2k 2.5in SC MDL HDD PreorderETA$479.00$489.00
HP 657750-B21 1TB 6G SATA 7.2k 3.5in SC MDL HDD Instock$225.00$235.00
HP 658071-B21 500G 6G SATA 7.2k 3.5in SCMDL HDD Instock$295.00$305.00
HP 658079-B21 2TB 6G SATA 7.2k 3.5in SC MDL HDD PreorderETA$465.00$475.00
LENOVO 49Y6002 4TB 7.2K 6GBPS NL SATA 3.5INCH G2HS HDD PreorderETA$499.00$509.00
LENOVO 81Y9790 IBM 1TB 7.2K 6Gbps NL SATA 3.5" G2HS HDD PreorderETA$173.00$183.00
Toshiba 1TB 7200RPM HDD Special [37]Instock$65.00$75.00
Toshiba 2TB 7200RPM HDD  [27]Instock$89.00$99.00
Toshiba 2TB 7200RPM Surveillance HDD  [1]Outofstock$115.00$125.00
Toshiba 3TB 7200RPM HDD  [41]Instock$122.00$132.00
Toshiba 5TB 7200RPM HDD  [4]Instock$235.00$245.00
Toshiba 6TB 7200RPM HDD Instock$299.00$309.00
Hitachi HDD SATA
HGTS 2TB Ultrastar 7K6000 3.5" SATA3 7200RPM Enterprise Hard Drive Instock$225.00$235.00
Hitachi 3TB OS03662 NAS SATA 7200RPM  [1]Instock$191.84$201.84
Hitachi 4TB 7200rpm NAS AP  [2]Instock$225.00$235.00
Hitachi 5TB 7200rpm SATA 6GB/s 64M Vibration Sensor NAS AP PreorderETA$335.00$345.00
Hitachi 6TB 7200rpm SATA 6GB/s 64M NAS OS04007 Instock$372.00$382.00
Hitachi 6TB 7200rpm SATA 6GB/s 64M Vibration Sensor NAS AP  [1]Preorder(5+Avail)ETA$372.00$382.00
Hitachi HGST 8TB 7200rpm NAS Instock$499.00$509.00
Hitachi HGST Ultrastar A7K2000 3.5''/1TB/ SATA 3GB/s/7200RPM/32MB/Enterprise HDD  [1]Preorder(5+Avail)ETA$139.00$149.00
Hitachi OF23005 4TB Ultrastar SATA 7200RPM 128MB Enterprise Instock$355.00$365.00
Hitachi Ultrastar 7K4000 -- 3.5''/4TB/SATA 6GB/s/7200RPM/64MB/Enterprise HDD Instock$559.00$569.00
Toshiba 4TB 7200RPM HDD Instock$179.00$189.00
HP 781516-B21 600GB 12G SAS 10K 2.5IN SC ENT HDD PreorderETA$399.00$409.00
Seagate ST2000NM0033 CONSTELLATION ES3 7200,2TB,7200RPM,SATA,3.5",128MB Instock$249.00$259.00
Seagate HDD SATA
Seagate 1TB ST1000DM010 Barracuda 3.5in Hard Drive Instock$65.00$75.00
Seagate 4TB SURVEILLANCE HDD 3.5 Instock$199.00$209.00
Seagate 6TB Archive HDD (ST6000AS0002) Preorder(5+Avail)ETA$299.00$309.00
Seagate Barracuda Pro 6TB Desktop 3.5IN HDD Instock$398.00$408.00
Seagate Barracuda Pro 8TB 7200RPM 256mb Cache PreorderETA$588.00$598.00
Seagate Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD 8TB 3.5IN 7200RPM 6GB/S SATA 512E ST8000NM0055 Instock$589.00$599.00
Seagate Enterprise NAS HDD, 3.5", 8TB, SATA 6Gb/s (ST8000NE0001 ) Preorder(5+Avail)ETA$599.00$609.00
Seagate IronWolf NAS HDD 3.5" 8TB SATA 6Gb/s 3Yr Instock$398.00$408.00
SEAGATE IRONWOLF PRO 10TB SATA 3.5IN 256MB ENTERPRISE NAS Preorder(5+Avail)ETA$759.00$769.00
Seagate IRONWOLF PRO 8TB SATA 3.5IN 256MB ENTERPRISE NAS Instock$569.00$579.00
Seagate IronWolf Pro NAS HDD 3.5" 2TB, SATA 6Gb/s, 7200rpm Instock$209.00$219.00
Seagate IRONWOLF ST2000VN004 NAS HD 2TB 3.5 SATAII 64MB Instock$118.00$128.00
Seagate IRONWOLF ST3000VN007 NAS HD 3TB 3.5 SATAII 64MB Instock$149.00$159.00
Seagate IRONWOLF ST4000VN008 NAS HD 4TB 3.5 SATAII 64MB Instock$194.00$204.00
Seagate IRONWOLF ST6000VN0041 NAS HD 6TB 7200rpm 3.5 SATAII 64MB Instock$285.00$295.00
Seagate PIPELINE HDD 4TB 3.5IN 64MB SATA Outofstock$178.00$188.00
Seagate SATAII 500GB 7200RPM (SV35 Surveillance)  [1]Instock$79.00$89.00
Seagate SkyHawk Surveillance 1TB 3.5in 64MB SATA Instock$75.00$85.00
Seagate SkyHawk Surveillance 2TB 3.5in 64MB 6GB/s SATA Instock$108.00$118.00
Seagate SkyHawk Surveillance 4TB 3.5in 64MB 6GB/s SATA Instock$199.00$209.00
Seagate SkyHawk Surveillance HDD, 3.5", 3TB, SATA 6Gb/s Instock$145.00$155.00
Seagate ST10000DM0004 BARRACUDA PRO 10TB DESKTOP Instock$669.00$679.00
Seagate ST10000VN0004 10TB NAS HDD 3.5" SATA 7200RPM Instock$569.00$579.00
Seagate ST10000VX0004 SkyHawk 10TB Surveillance HDD Instock$660.00$670.00
Seagate ST1000DX002 1TB FireCuda 3.5" SATA3 8GB NAND Desktop SSHD Instock$109.00$119.00
Seagate ST2000DM006 SATA3 2TB 7200RPM Barracuda 64mb Cache Preorder(5+ Avail)ETA$95.00$105.00
Seagate ST2000DX002 FireCuda 2TB SATA3 8GB NAND Desktop SSHD Instock$154.00$164.00
Seagate ST3000DM008 3TB Barracuda SATA 64mb Cache Instock$131.00$141.00
Seagate ST4000DM004 Desktop HDD 4TB, SATA3, 3.5", 64MB Instock$169.00$179.00
Seagate ST4000DM005 Barracuda 4TB SATA 6GB/S 3.5" Outofstock$175.00$185.00
Seagate ST4000DM006 Barracuda Pro 4TB Desktop 3.5IN HDD Instock$305.00$315.00
Seagate ST4000NM0033 CONSTELLATION ES3 7200,4TB,7200RPM,SATA,3.5",128MB Instock$389.00$399.00
Seagate ST4000NM0115 ENT CAP V5 4TB 3.5IN SATA 6GB/S 7200RPM 128MB CACHE 512E No Encrytion Preorder(5+ Avail)ETA$315.00$325.00
Seagate ST4000VN0001 4TB 3.5 inch SATA3 Enterprise NAS Hard Drive Outofstock$305.00$315.00
Seagate ST5000NM0024 ENTERPRISE CAPACITY 3.5 HDD 5TB 3.5IN 7200RPM 128MB 6GB/S Instock$399.00$409.00
SEAGATE ST6000VX0023 SKYHAWK 6TB SURVEILLANCE 3.5IN 6Gb/S SATA 256MB Instock$295.00$305.00
Seagate ST8000AS0002 8TB ARCHIVE HDD 3.5in INTERNAL SATA 6GB/S 5900RPM 128MB  [15]Preorder(5+Avail)ETA$359.00$369.00
Seagate SURVEILLANCE HDD 4TB 3.5IN 64MB 6GB/s SATA SpecialInstock$210.00$220.00
Seagate SURVEILLANCE SATA 2TB 3.5 5900RPM 64MB PreorderETA$135.00$145.00
Seagate Surveillance SV35 2TB SATA 6GBS 64MB CACHE 7200RPM 3.5IN (ST2000VX000) Outofstock$109.00$119.00
Western Digital SATAIII
Western Digital Black WD1003FZEX 1 TB 6 Gb/s / 3.5-inch / SATA /7200 RPM / 64 MB  [24]Instock$102.00$112.00
Western Digital Black WD2003FZEX 2 TB 6 Gb/s / 3.5-inch / SATA /7200 RPM / 64 MB  [12]Instock$174.00$184.00
Western Digital Black WD4004FZWX 4TB 6Gb/s 3.5-inch 128mb Instock$285.00$295.00
Western Digital Black WD6002FZWX 6TB 6Gb/s 3.5-inch 128mb Instock$399.00$409.00
Western Digital Blue 1TB SATA3 HDD 64M Caviar Blue WD10EZEX  [54]Instock$63.00$73.00
Western Digital Blue WD20EZRZ 2TB SATA 6Gb HDD 64M Instock$94.00$104.00
Western Digital Blue WD30EZRZ 3TB SATA 6Gb HDD 64M Instock$128.00$138.00
Western Digital Blue WD40EZRZ 4TB 3.5 inch SATA 6Gbs Instock$179.00$189.00
Western Digital Entreprise WD1005FBYZ Gold 1TB SATA 3.5 Preorder(5+Avail)ETA$149.00$159.00
Western Digital Entreprise WD101KRYZ Gold 10TB SATA 256cache 3.5 Instock$760.00$770.00
Western Digital Entreprise WD4002FYYZ 4TB 64M 7200 SATA 6Gb Instock$329.00$339.00
Western Digital Entreprise WD6002FRYZ Gold 6TB SATA 3.5 Instock$565.00$575.00
Western Digital Entreprise WD8002FRYZ Gold 8TB SATA 3.5 Instock$739.00$749.00
Western Digital GUARDIAN EXPRESS 3YR PARTS REPLACEMENt Service Instock$218.00$228.00
Western Digital Purple NV 6TB 3.5 64MB,SATA III 3yrs warranty Instock$375.00$385.00
Western Digital Purple WD10PURX 3.5" AV-GP,1TB,INTELLIPOWER,64MB,SATA III,(6Gbps),3YRS  [1]Instock$85.00$95.00
Western Digital Purple WD20PURX 3.5" AV-GP,2TB,INTELLIPOWER,64MB,SATA III,(6Gbps),3YRS  [1]Instock$129.00$139.00
Western Digital Purple WD30PURZ 3.5" AV-GP,3TB,INTELLIPOWER,64MB,SATA III,(6Gbps),3YRS SpecialInstock$145.00$155.00
Western Digital Purple WD40PURX 3.5" AV-GP,4TB,INTELLIPOWER,64MB,SATA III,(6Gbps),3YRS  [2]Outofstock$205.00$215.00
Western Digital Purple WD60PURX 3.5" AV-GP,6TB,INTELLIPOWER,64MB,SATA III,(6Gbps),3YRS Instock$339.00$349.00
Western Digital Purple WD80PUZX 8TB 3.5" Hard Drive Instock$469.00$479.00
Western Digital RE WD2005FBYZ ENTERPRISE Gold 3.5 SATA 2TB 64Cache Instock$259.00$269.00
Western Digital RED NAS WD60EFRX 6TB 64M S3 INTELLIPOWER  [4]Instock$335.00$345.00
Western Digital RED Pro 8TB NAS WD8001FFWX Instock$710.00$720.00
Western Digital RED Pro NAS WD6002FFWX 6TB 64M SATA 6GB/ Instock$399.00$409.00
Western Digital RED Pro NAS WD2002FFSX 2TB 64M SATA 6GB/s Instock$199.00$209.00
Western Digital RED Pro NAS WD4002FFWX 4TB SATA 6GB/s Instock$329.00$339.00
Western Digital RED W10EFRX RED NAS - 1TB/INTELLIPOWER/DDR2/150MBs/3.5  [6]Instock$87.00$97.00
Western Digital RED WD20EFRX RED NAS- 2TB/INTELLIPOWER/DDR2/3.5 Special [10]Instock$125.00$135.00
Western Digital RED WD30EFRX RED NAS- 3TB/INTELLIPOWER/DDR2/3.5  [44]Instock$155.00$165.00
Western Digital RED WD40EFRX RED NAS- 4TB/INTELLIPOWER/DDR2/3.5  [23]Instock$223.00$233.00
Western Digital Red WD80EFZX 8TB 3.5" NAS Hard Drive Instock$440.00$450.00
Western Digital SE WD6001F9YZ 6TB Instock$499.00$509.00
Western Digital WD60EZRZ 6TB Blue 5400rpm Instock$305.00$315.00


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