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Haswell ReFresh LGA1150
Intel BX80646G1840 Celeron Processor G1840 (2M Cache, 2.80 GHz) LGA1150  [1]Instock$52.00$62.00
Intel BX80646G1850 Celeron Processor G1850 2M Cache 2.90 GHz LGA1150 Instock$62.00$72.00
Intel BX80646G3240 PENTIUM G3240/3.10GHz/3Mb CACHE/LGA1150  [1]Instock$75.00$85.00
Intel BX80646G3440 PENTIUM G3440/3.30GHz/3Mb CACHE/LGA1150 Instock$95.00$105.00
Intel BX80646G3450 PENTIUM G3450/3.40GHz/3Mb CACHE/LGA1150 Instock$98.00$108.00
Intel BX80646I34160 CORE i3 4160/3.60GHz/3MB CACHE/LGA1150 Instock$142.00$152.00
Intel BX80646I34360 CORE i3 4360/3.70GHz/4MB CACHE/LGA1150 Instock$169.00$179.00
Intel BX80646I54460 I5-4460,3.1GHZ,4CORES,6MB CACHE,LGA1150  [7]Instock$239.00$246.17
Intel BX80646I54590 I5-4590,3.3GHZ,4CORES,6MB CACHE,LGA1150  [9]Instock$252.00$262.00
Intel BX80646I54590s I5-4590s 3.0GHZ,4CORES,6MB CACHE,LGA1150 Instock$265.00$275.00
Intel BX80646I54690 I5-4690,3.50GHZ,4CORES,6MB CACHE,LGA1150  [4]Instock$275.00$285.00
Intel BX80646I54690K I5-4690K,3.50GHZ,4CORES,6MB CACHE,LGA1150  [4]Instock$305.00$314.15
Intel BX80646I54690S I5-4690s 3.2GHZ,4CORES,6MB CACHE,LGA1150 Instock$285.00$295.00
Intel BX80646I74790 I7-4790,3.60GHZ,4CORES,8MB CACHE,LGA1150  [5]Instock$385.00$396.55
Intel BX80646I74790K I7-4790K,4.00GHZ,4CORES,8THREADS,8MB CACHE,LGA1150  [6]Instock$429.00$439.00
Intel BX80646I74790S I7-4790s 3.2GHZ,4CORES,8MB CACHE,LGA1150 Instock$399.00$409.00
Intel Pentium G3258 Anniversary Edition 3.2GHz 3MB Retail Box  [4]Instock$89.00$99.00
Intel Core LGA2011 CPU
Intel BX80648I75820K Core i7 5820K Haswell-E 6-Core LGA 2011-3 3.3GHz CPU/NO FAN  [2]Instock$495.00$505.00
Intel BX80648I75930K Core i7 5930K Haswell-E 6-Core LGA 2011-3 3.5GHz CPU/NO FAN Instock$729.00$739.00
Intel BX80648I75960X Core i7 5960K Extreme Haswell-E 8-Core LGA 2011-3 3.0G/NO FAN Preorder(5+Avail)ETA$1369.00$1379.00
Intel CORE i7 3970X/3.50GHz/15MB CACHE/LGA2011/6CORES/NO FAN  [1]Instock$1249.00$1259.00


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