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What is at stake when you’re intensely clicking and hitting keys mid-way through your game? Is it the hundreds of hours of unsaved progress through a game, the thousands of points you’ve accumulated in a multiplayer game that determines your global ranking,
or worse yet damage to your highly customised gaming rig? Gamers worldwide may be divided by the everlasting debate between
PC vs Console but are united with the mutual feel of frustration when getting kicked out of a game by a power outage. 

Power disturbances happen throughout the network that could be caused by multiple factors including weather, unplanned over-consumption of energy, human error, faulty equipment within the shared circuit, and the list goes on.

A UPS, short for uninterruptible power supply, combines a
surge suppressor with a big battery and has special circuitry that detects a power failure and quickly switches over to run your Gaming or Home Office equipment on its battery. It will also protect any other peripherals or accessories you have connected to your PC.

Eaton's Recommendations For Gaming PCs And Other Home Equipment

Eaton 5S
The 5S not only provides a supply with battery backup to keep Gaming equipment operating during power cuts, but also provides effective protection against
damaging surges. Voltage fluctuations are automatically corrected using an AVR
device (booster/fader), without needing the batteries.

The plug-and-play functionality of the 5S allows you to start backing up your
equipment the moment you take the unit out of the box. Gain automatic
integration with Windows, Mac and Linux with a simple connection to a USB port.

Available in 5 different power rating options (550 – 1600VA) to provide backup for a wide range of Gaming devices.

Eaton 5S UPS for PCs | Backup Power for Home Use

Can protect a gaming console and a PC monitor or small
(sub 30-inch) TV.

Can protect a
gaming console and a large TV, or a desktop
PC with a standard PC monitor.

Can protect a
budget gaming PC and a standard PC monitor.

Can protect a
midrange gaming PC and a standard monitor.
Depending on PSU efficiency, possibly a larger TV.

Can protect a
high-end 4K gaming PC and, depending on PSU efficiency, a larger TV.