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Score a bonus MSI gaming chair when you buy selected MSI gaming desktop PCs (While supplies last)

Score a bonus MSI gaming chair when you buy selected MSI gaming desktop PCs (While supplies last). Promotion period: September 8th – November 29th 2020. All registration and redemption must be completed no later than December 13th , 2020. See eligible models in the table below. For more information or to redeem click on the link:

NameGPUModel Number
Trident X 10thRTX 2080 SUPERTrident X 10SE-1010AU
Trident X 10SE-1095AU
RTX 2070 SUPERTrident X 10SD-1012AU
Trident X 10SD-1089AU
Trident X Plus 9thRTX 2080TiTrident X Plus 9SF-641AU
RTX 2080 SUPERTrident X Plus 9SE-822AU
Trident X Plus 9SE-644AU
RTX 2070 SUPERTrident X Plus 9SD-640AU
Trident X Plus 9SD-646AU
Trident AS 10thRTX 2070 SUPERTrident AS 10SD-1029AU
RTX 2060 SUPERTrident AS 10SC-1027AU
Trident AS 10SC-1090AU
GTX 1660 SUPERTrident AS 10SI-1025AU
Trident AS 10SI-1091AU
Trident A Plus 9thRTX 2060 SUPERTrident A Plus 9SC-642AU
Trident 3 / Arctic 10thRTX 2060 SUPERTrident 3 10SC-005AU
Trident 3 Arctic 10SC-009AU
Trident 3 10SC-006AU
GTX 1650 SUPERTrident 3 10SA-055AU
Trident 3 / Arctic 9thRTX 2060 SUPERTrident 3 9SC-621AU
Trident 3 9SC-607AU
Trident 3 Arctic 9SC-605AU
Infinite S 10thGTX 1660 SUPERInfinite S 10SI-001AU
Infinite S 10SI-023AU
Infinite S 10SI-005AU
GTX 1650 SUPERInfinite S 10SA-003AU
Infinite X 10thRTX 2080 SUPERInfinite X 10SE-682AU
RTX 2070 SUPERInfinite X 10SD-684AU
RTX 2080TiInfinite X Plus 9SF-493AU
Infinite X Plus 9thRTX 2080 SUPERInfinite X Plus 9SE-495AU
RTX 2070 SUPERInfinite X Plus 9SD-496AU
Creator P100X 10thRTX 2080TiCreator P100X 10SF-086AU
RTX 2080 SUPERCreator P100X 10SE-091AU
Creator P100X 10SE-268AU
RTX 2070 SUPERCreator P100X 10SD-240AU
Creator P100A 10thRTX 2070 SUPERCreator P100A 10SD-241AU
RTX 2060 SUPERCreator P100A 10SC-242AU
GTX 1660 SUPERCreator P100A 10SI-243AU