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Antec ASK3450B-U3-P with 450W USB3.0 Audio in/out 6 Drive Bay
Internet Price : $74.00 - Retail Price : 84.00

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Antec Case
Antec NSK-3100-U3 Micro ATX/Mini-ITX, A Solid case built with Quality. USB 3.0 x 2, 12.5" VGA, ETA$59.00$69.00
Antec ASK3450B-U3-P with 450W USB3.0 Audio in/out 6 Drive Bay SpecialInstock$74.00$84.00
Antec Cube (Certified by RAZER) Mini ITX Aluminium Case Green LED Water Cooling Ready USB3.0 x 2 Instock$349.00$359.00
Antec ESK3450B-U3-P with 450W USB3.0 Audio in/out 6 Drive Bay Instock$74.00$84.00
Antec GX1200 Gaming Mid Tower Case 2xUSB3.0 Instock$99.00$109.00
Antec GX330 Window Gaming LED ATX Case Black Instock$79.00$89.00
Antec GX500B-W Dominator Window ATX. Supports 15" Extra Long VGA Card, 2x Fan Controls,7 Expan  [6]Instock$71.00$81.00
Antec GX900B Punisher ATX Gaming Case. Supports 15" Extra Long VGA Card, 2x Fan Controls,7 Ex  [1]Instock$79.00$89.00
Antec Nine Hundred Two Ver3.0 Black Gaming Case  [14]Instock$165.00$175.00
Antec NSK-4100-U3 ATX case, System Integrator's Top Choice! USB 3.0 x 2, 5.25"x3, 3.5"x1, 6x Instock$69.00$79.00
Antec NSK3480 Solution Series MicroATX Case - Black with Silve  [5]ETA$119.00$129.00
Antec NSK4482B Black ATX Tower with 380W 80 PSU  [1]PreorderETA$113.00$123.00
Antec One Gaming Case  [5]Instock$76.00$86.00
Antec P100 ATX case. Epitomizes cool, quite and sophistication. Features award winning Quite Co Instock$133.00$143.00
Antec P100 White Mid Tower Case without PSU USB3.0 Instock$105.00$115.00
Antec P183 V3 Performance One Black-Silver ATX Tower(NO PSU) PreorderETA$125.00$135.00
Antec P193 Performance One Black ATX Mid Tower NO PSU  [10]PreorderETA$208.00$218.00
Antec P8 Tempered Glass Mid Tower Case; ATX; mATX; Mini- ITX; 2x USB 3.0 Front Ports Instock$85.00$95.00
Antec Three Hundred TWO - Black Mid-Tower Gaming Case, The Essentially Cool and Quiet Case, No  [4]PreorderETA$95.00$105.00
Antec Three Hundred-U3 The Essentially Cool and Quiet Mid-Tower Gaming Case, USB 3.0 X 2, No PS  [2]Preorder(1 Avail)ETA$98.00$108.00
Antec VSK-2000 ATX Tower Case - Black NO PSU  [2]PreorderETA$56.65$66.65
Antec VSK-2000-U3 Black Slim Desktop Case NO PSU(suit TFX PSU) Instock$65.00$75.00
Antec VSK-3000B-U3 Black Micro ATX/Mini-ITX Case SGCC steel, 1x 92mm fan, 2yrs Warran  [1]Instock$45.00$55.00
Antec VSK-4000B-U3 - Black Mid-Tower Case, SGCC steel, 1x 120mm fan, 2yrs Warranty. Affordable Instock$46.00$56.00
Antec VSK3500 Micro/Mini-ITX Case, True 500W APFC PSU, USB 3.0, 6 Drive Bays, 4x PCI, 1x 92mm fan, T  [3]Instock$79.00$89.00
Antec VSK4-500 - Black Mid-Tower Case, USB 3.0, 500W APFC PSU, SGCC steel, 1x 120mm fan  [1]Instock$82.00$92.00
Antec VSP-5000 Black Mid Tower  [1]PreorderETA$75.00$85.00


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