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NETGEAR XS712T ProSAFE 12-Port 10G Smart Switch with 2x SFP+ compo ports

NETGEAR XS712T ProSAFE 12-Port 10G Smart Switch with 2x SFP+ compo ports
  • NETGEAR XS712T ProSAFE 12-Port 10G Smart Switch with 2x SFP+ compo ports
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  • Product Name:
    NETGEAR XS712T ProSAFE 12-Port 10G Smart Switch with 2x SFP+ compo ports
  • Model Number:
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  • Manufacturer Warranty:
    12 Months
  • Description


    Industry's first10G Smart Switch, purposely design for 5MB with 10G speed and easy management at an affordable cost


    As a leading provider of network equipment for SMBs, NETGEAR understands the importance of a reliable and high performance network to the SMB customers. With the growth of virtualization, cloud-based services and applications like VoIP, video streaming and IP surveillance in the SMB space, SMB networks™ needs extend beyond simple reliability to higher speed and performance. NETGEAR™s cost-effective 10G Smart Switch (XS712T) present the right solution for this requirement, delivering unprecedented 10-Gigabit bandwidth at an affordable cost.


    NETGEAR™s XS712T is a powerful smart switch that comes with 12 10-Gigabit ports and 2 Combo SFP+ for 10G Fiber links. It™s designed as cost-effective 10G connections to 10G-capable servers and storages. It can also be used as 10G access switch, connecting to 10G Managed switch (XSM7224) on one end and extend the 10G connections to the edge.
         XS712T provides comprehensive L2 features in order to meet our customers™ current and future needs on virtualization, conevrged network and mobility. Some of the main features include:


    Advanced VLAN features such as MAC (Media Access Control), protocol-based VLAN and guest VLAN
         Advanced QoS (Quality of Service) including Q-in-Q
         Static Routing
         Dynamic VLAN assignment
         IGMP and MLD snooping
         Security management
         IPv6 for management, QoS and ACL
         Easy-to-use Web-based management

    Auto-sensing RJ45 100/1000/10GBase-T12 - 2 (shared)
    Packet Buffer Memory2 Mb - Dynamically shared across only used ports
    Switching fabric240 Gbps - Line-rate (non blocking fabric)
    Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE)IEEE 802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet Task Force compliance- Deactivated by default
    Auto-EEE ModeDeactivated by default
    Forwarding modeStore-and-forward
    Latency (64-byte frames, 10 Gbps, Copper 10GBase-T)<6.606 s
    Latency (64-byte frames, 10 Gbps, Fiber SFP+)<2.979 s
    Addressing48-bit MAC address
    Address database size32,000 MAC addresses
    Number of VLANs256 VLANs (802.1Q) simultaneously
    Number of multicast groups filtered (IGMP)1K
    Number of Link Aggregation Groups (LAGs - 802.3ad)8 LAGs with up to 8 ports per group
    Number of hardware queues for QoS8 queues
    Number of static routes - IPv432
    Number of IP interfaces (port or VLAN)15
    Jumbo frame supportUp to 9K packet size
    Acoustic noise (ANSI-S10.12)49.7dBA @ 25 °C ambient (77 °F)
    Heat Dissipation (BTU)334 Btu/hr
    Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)211,197 hours
    L2 Services - VLANsIEEE 802.1Q VLAN Tagging
       Protocol based VLANs
       MAC based VLANs
       Voice VLAN - Based on phones OUI bytes (internal database, or usermaintained) or protocols (SIP, H323 and SCCP)
    Network SecurityIEEE 802.1x
       Guest VLAN
       RADIUS based VLAN assignment via .1xv
       MAC-based .1x
       Network Storm Protection, DoS
       Broadcast, Unicast, Multicast DoS Protection
       DoS attacks
       DoS Prevention
       Private VLAN
    L2 Services - AvailabilityIEEE 802.3ad - LAGs
       LACP ( (8 LAGS with max. of 8 members in each LAG))
       Broadcast Storm Control
       IEEE 802.3x (Full Duplex and flow control)
       IEEE 802.1D Spanning Tree Protocol
       IEEE 802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree
       IEEE 802.1s Multiple Spanning Tree
    L2 Services - Multicast FilteringIGMP Snooping (v1, v2 and v3)
       MLD Snooping Support (v1 and v2)
       IGMP Snooping queries
       Block unknown Multicast
    L3 Services - DHCPDHCP Client
       DHCP Snooping
    L3 Services - IPv4 RoutingStatic Routing
       VLAN Routing
       Router Discovery (IRDP)

    Network Monitoring and Discovery Services

    802.1ab LLDP
       SNMP V1, V2, V3
       RMON 1,2,3,9
    Network TrafficAccess Control Lists (ACLs)
       L2 / L3 / L4
       IP-based ACLs (IPv4 and IPv6)
       MAC-based ACL
       TCP/UDP-based ACL
       MAC lockdown
       MAC lockdown by the number of MACs
       IEEE 802.1x Radius Port Access Authentication
       Port Security
       DHCP Snooping
    Quality of Service (QoS)Access Lists
       L2 MAC, L3 IP and L4 Port ACLs
       Ingress rate limiting
       Egress rate limiting
       DiffServ QoS
       IEEE 802.1p COS
       Dst MAC and IP
       IPv4 and v6 DSCP
       IPv4 and v6 TOS
       WRR (Weighted Round Robin)
       Strict Priority queue technology
       Yes, based on protocols (SIP, H323 and SCCP) or on OUI bytes (default database and user-based OUIs) in the phone source MAC address
       Auto Video
       Port Mirroring
    IEEE Network ProtocolsIEEE 802.3 Ethernet
       IEEE 802.3z Gigabit Ethernet 1000BASE-SX/LX
       IEEE 802.1D Spanning Tree (STP)
       IEEE 802.3i 10BASE-T
       IEEE 802.3ae 10-Gigabit Ethernet
       IEEE 802.1s Multiple Spanning Tree (MSTP)
       IEEE 802.3u 100BASE-T
       IEEE 802.3ad Trunking (LACP)
       IEEE 802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree (RSTP)
       IEEE 802.3ab 1000BASE-T
       IEEE 802.1AB LLDP with ANSI/TIA-1057 (LLDP-MED)
       IEEE 802.1X Radius network access control
       IEEE 802.1Q VLAN Tagging
       IEEE 802.1p Class of Service
       IEEE 802.3x full-duplex flow control
    ManagementPassword management
       Configurable Management VLAN
       Admin access control via Radius and TACACS+
       Web-based graphical user interface (GUI)
       Smart Control Center (SCC) for multiswitch management
       IPv6 management
       Dual Software (firmware) image
       Dual Configuration file
       SNTP client over UDP port 123
       SNMP v1/v2
       SNMP v3 with multiple IP addresses
       RMON 1,2,3,9
       Port Mirroring
       Many to One Port Mirroring
       Cable Test utility
       SSL/HTTPS and TLS v1.0 for web-based access
       File transfers (uploads, downloads) TFTP / HTTP
       HTTP Upload and Download (firmware)
       Syslog (RFC 3164)


    Per port

    Speed, Link, Activity
    Per devicePower and Fan Status
    Physical SpecificationsDimensions: 440 x 257 x 43 mm
       Weight: 4.04 kg (8.9 lb)
    Power Consumption98.2W (max.) - Worst case, all ports used, line-rate traffic
    Altitude10,000 ft (3,000 m) maximum

    * Specifications are subject to change without notice.
      * Specifications may vary.
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    NETGEAR XS712T ProSAFE 12-Port 10G Smart Switch with 2x SFP+ compo ports