Umart PC Repairs and Upgrades service

Umart is now offering a new PC Repairs and Upgrades service, designed to boost your computer's performance affordably. As an introductory offer for this service, we're providing free Hardware Diagnosis to all customers who book online. Our service covers a range of common PC issues:

• Booting problems or blue screen errors
• Hard drive failures
• Power supply issues
• Slow computer performance
• Unusual or loud noises
• Viruses
• Visual glitches and errors

Repairs Service

For any of these problems, we are ready to repair and upgrade your PC with new components as needed. Our team of technicians is both friendly and patient, ensuring efficient problem resolution.

Please note: We do not offer laptop repairs.

For more details and to book your service at $0 (online) or $60 (walk-in), please visit Umart's website.
Repair Labour Cost
VIP Online Booking customer
30-minute Basic DiagnosisFree
Health Check and ReportFree
Hardware installation$99
Drivers, Windows installation$99

No Booking Customer
Hardware Diagnosis$60
Health Check and Report$60
Hardware installation$99
Drivers, Windows installation$99