Memory (RAM)

RAM is short for 'random access memory', and Umart has deliberately selected hundreds of options to meet a wide range of RAM requirements. We’ve got all key RAM slots covered, including desktop, notebook, Mac and server RAM, as well as the latest DDR5 RAM.


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RAM for different uses

Whether you’re building a new computer or upgrading an existing desktop or laptop, Umart has the right RAM to meet your compatibility needs. We stock desktop Dual In-line Memory Module (DIMM) RAM, Small Outline DIMM (SODIMM) RAM, Mac RAM and Error Correction Code (ECC) server RAM.

Desktop DIMM RAM

DIMM RAM for a desktop PC comes in many different capacities, types and speeds. Check your motherboard specifications to see what speed and capacity RAM your PC supports.


Laptops with upgradeable RAM are a great option for eking extra months (or years) out of a notebook’s shelf life. For compatible laptops, SODIMM RAM is smaller than desktop PC DIMM RAM but can still offer an affordable performance boost.

Server ECC RAM

ECC RAM adds an extra layer of reliability for professional servers and workstations. This type of RAM can intuitively detect and correct potential memory errors to help avoid data corruption.


Upgrading RAM isn’t just the domain of desktop PCs anymore. Compatible Mac models—like some Mac mini, iMac or Mac Pro models—support RAM upgrades for a performance boost.

RAM performance specifics

With the right category of RAM sorted, the next steps are to determine the Double Data Rate (DDR) type, total RAM capacity, and RAM speed. Umart stocks RAM from DDR2 to DDR5, popular capacities including 8GB RAM and 16GB RAM, and RAM speeds from 1055MHz to speedy 3000MHz.

RAM DDR type

The increasing numbers next to a RAM stick’s DDR type determine its generation. Though older, Umart still stocks DDR2 and DDR3 RAM, but newer computers can take advantage of the speedier performance perks that come from DDR4 and DDR5 RAM.

RAM total capacity

Add to existing RAM or opt for a cheaper upgrade with smaller storage capacities. Choose from either 2GB RAM, 4GB RAM or 8GB RAM. Alternatively, Umart also stocks 16GB RAM and 32GB RAM for gamers, plus 64GB RAM and 128GB RAM for high-performance work PCs.

RAM speed

Faster RAM speeds mean faster processing, which means extra frames for gamers and better overall software performance. Umart stocks comparatively slower RAM with speeds like 1066MHz, 1333MHz and 1600MHz. But those with compatible motherboards can utilise 2400MHz, 2666MHz and 3000MHz RAM.

Other RAM considerations

Determining total RAM capacity will usually dictate how many RAM sticks to buy, but you can also opt for one RAM stick or up to eight RAM sticks. Umart also lets you choose RAM based on a range of colours and RGB lighting.


Check out Umart’s answers below for some of the most popular RAM questions.

What does RAM do?

RAM works with the CPU, GPU and storage to perform everyday tasks. The more RAM you have and the faster that RAM is, the more seamless multitasking is, and the more responsive software feels.

Why is computer memory (RAM) important?

While hard drives and solid-state drives are a computer’s long-term memory, RAM is the computer equivalent of short-term memory. With older or limited-capacity RAM, software loads slower and overall performance can feel sluggish compared to faster, higher-capacity RAM.

What size RAM should I have?

You can get away with 8GB RAM as a minimum these days, but 16GB is fast becoming the new minimum, particularly for gamers. Any software you use on a computer needs RAM to load, so the more you have to spare, the better the overall performance.

How many computer RAM sticks should I buy?

The number of RAM sticks you buy is determined by how many your computer’s motherboard supports. Generally, a single higher-capacity RAM stick will cost more than multiple RAM sticks that add up to the same capacity.

How much RAM do you need to run Windows smoothly?

Windows 10 and Windows 11 have a requirement for 4GB of RAM. That’s a minimum, though, and having 8GB or more of RAM allows for more seamless multitasking and speedier software loading.

RAM vs memory: what’s the difference?

Confusingly, memory is a term used as shorthand for both computer storage (usually internal) and RAM. Both are types of memory, but storage is for long-term use (software, files, etc.), while RAM is used for active software while using a computer.