Apple iMac

Buy a new Apple iMac computer from Umart in a range of colours and storage capacities. The Apple iMac is a great all-in-one desktop solution for work or everyday computing.


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Apple iMac buying guide

While those after a mobile computing solution should go with the Apple MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, the Apple iMac is built to stay at home or in the office. Umart stocks the latest-model Apple iMac computers.

New Apple iMac with M1 chip

The latest Apple iMac packs plenty of performance with a powerful M1 chip. Whichever model you choose, your new Apple iMac is built to keep up with any task you throw at it, and everything looks great on the 24-inch 4.5K Retina display.

Apple iMac storage options

The cheapest latest-generation Apple iMac model comes with 256GB of internal storage. Alternatively, upgrade to the 512GB Apple iMac for double the storage and better performance.

Apple iMac GPU choices

There are two versions of the Apple iMac 256GB model: one has a seven-core graphics card and the other has an eight-core GPU. Buying the 512GB Apple iMac automatically includes the eight-core GPU.

Apple iMac colour choices

Apple understands that people want to add personality to their tech items. Figure out storage and GPU preferences, then choose an Apple iMac in silver, green, blue or pink colours to match your home or office vibe.

Other Apple iMac considerations

Pick the right Apple iMac for your input, keyboard and screen-size needs. Umart sells the latest Apple iMac models in their different versions, but we also sell a bigger-display Apple iMac.

Apple iMac ports and keyboard

The base Apple iMac comes with everything you need to get going. Plus, the eight-core GPU 256GB and 512GB Apple iMac models also include two USB 3 ports, gigabit Ethernet, and inbuilt Touch ID for the Magic Keyboard.

Bigger-screen Apple iMac

The latest-model Apple iMac comes with a 24-inch screen, no matter which version you choose. But if you don’t mind buying a 2020 model, Umart sells a bigger-screen Apple iMac 27-inch model.

Apple iMac accessories

Apple products have great compatibility across the Apple ecosystem. Boost the functionality and your enjoyment of a new Apple iMac with a range of Apple accessories, including Apple AirPods, as well as compatible external hard drives and cables.

Apple iMac FAQs

Check out Umart’s answers to the most popular Apple iMac questions.

Is it worth buying an Apple iMac?

An Apple iMac is a great choice for the home or business within the Apple ecosystem and in search of an all-in-one computer solution. Choose between different models that have various internal storage, GPU power and colour options.

How long do iMacs last on average?

Like desktop PCs, Apple iMacs last anywhere between three and eight years. If you have performance issues with an older Apple iMac, consider buying a new model.

Is it better to get an iMac or a MacBook Pro?

It depends on how you want to use a computer. The iMac is an all-in-one computer for the home or office, while the MacBook Pro is built with a mix of power and mobility.

Where can I buy an iMac Pro?

The Apple iMac Pro was a powerful and popular computer, but it’s been discontinued by Apple. If you want to buy one, you’ll have to buy a second-hand model, but we’d advise buying a new iMac or Apple Mac Studio from Umart instead.

Which iMac is the best value?

All Apple iMac models are competitively priced, but as long as you don’t need too much internal storage, the eight-core GPU 256GB Apple iMac is the best value. If you do need more storage, consider the Apple iMac 512GB model.